President LU Xiaobo inspects the construction progress of TASA and the preparations for the unveiling ceremony

On the afternoon of November 22, 2020, Lu Xiaobo, President of the Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University (AADTHU) and Director of the Tsinghua (Qingdao) Academy of Arts and Science Innovation Research (TASA), visited TASA to inspect the construction progress of the park and held a working meeting in which he listened to the report on the progress of the preparations for the unveiling ceremony, workshop construction and project introduction. Zhao Chao, Vice President of AADTHU and Deputy Director of TASA, and others attended the meeting.

研究院❏  Leaders of TASA take a group photo in front of TASA

研究院❏  Leaders of TASA inspect the construction of the Art and Science Experience Cente

研究院❏  Leaders of TASA inspect the park of TASA

Lu put forward valuable opinions on the theme planning and presentation form of the unveiling ceremony. He suggested that the theme of the event should be planned around national key strategies such as "integration and innovation of art and science" and "high-quality development" as well as the mainstream international development trend. The design of the exhibition hall should be concise and environmentally friendly, and the selection of exhibits should emphasize Chinese elements, to reflect the excellent traditional culture and spiritual connotations of the Chinese nation. The visual presentation should be based on the broad audience, provide the most intuitive and lively feeling, and at the same time have a strong publicity effect, integrating recognition and beauty.

Regarding workshop construction and project introduction, Lu stressed that workshop construction should prioritize safety and focus on the long-term development of TASA. In the process of project introduction, "Tsinghua" brand is our strong support. We should carry out cooperation with enterprises with the help of the brand, and explore a new pattern conducive to the future development.

研究院❏  Leaders of TASA inspect the construction of the workshops

Zhao said that at the unveiling ceremony, the concept of integration and innovation of art and science should be highlighted, and the new achievements, new features and new future of TASA should be displayed. Chinese elements should be embodied in the exhibition hall via such forms as vertical-column hangings of Chinese style, with a view to carrying forward Chinese culture. At the same time, a mode rich in traditional charm should be created according to the aesthetic needs of modern people.