Aesthetic Education Research and Application Studio,TASA


The Aesthetic Education Research and Application Institute, jointly established by Tsinghua (Qingdao) Academy of Arts and Science Innovation Research and Beijing Qingqing Xiangmei Education Technology Co., Ltd., is a research institution for future-oriented learning innovation. In response to the call of the national aesthetic education policy, the Institute is committed to breaking the disciplinary barriers, scientifically positioning the research and practice with aesthetic education as the theme, and practicing the transformation of interdisciplinary aesthetic education achievements, entrepreneurship services, as well as art and culture exchange and communication in the three major sectors of natural science, social science, and humanities. It also provides high-quality aesthetic education services for the society with innovative aesthetic education concepts and interdisciplinary advantages, explores the generality between art and science, and promotes interdisciplinary research and application with aesthetic education as the theme.

Explore and study the generality between the various disciplines of art and science, expand the rich connotation of interdisciplinary aesthetic education, and reinforce the innovation, crossover and integration research on aesthetic education.


The business scope of the Institute mainly includes: interdisciplinary aesthetic education curriculum research; research on the disciplinary generality between art and science; basic applied theory research on aesthetic attainment; research on family aesthetic education and training path; and holding academic exchange activities with aesthetic education as the theme.