Architecture and Art Lab,TASA


The Architecture and Art Innovation Research Center, jointly established by Tsinghua (Qingdao) Academy of Arts and Science Innovation Research and Shandong Zhongying International Building Technology Group Co., Ltd., is a research institution for innovation of habitat environment. Based on the scientific theoretical background research of habitat environment, the Center integrates natural sciences, cultural sciences and design sciences, and conducts intelligent research, outstanding talent incubation and development, as well as production-education-research cooperation and exchanges centering on smart cities, urban-rural integration, harmonious habitat environment, green and energy-saving buildings, ancient towns and ancient buildings, in order to promote the innovation in planning and design concepts and methods, speed up the sustainable development of the construction of habitat environment, build a high-quality and efficient innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem, and provide a comprehensive resource guarantee for innovation, integration, openness and win-win.

Core Members

The business scope of the Center mainly includes: future architecture and art intelligence, environmental science-related subject research, high-end habitat environment and interdisciplinary talents gathering, R&D of architecture and art curriculum system and works, participation in the exhibition of architecture and art integration and innovation achievements.