Digital Creative Industry Lab,TASA


The Digital Creative Industry Research Center, jointly established by Tsinghua (Qingdao) Academy of Arts and Science Innovation Research and Shandong Jindong Digital Creativity Co., Ltd., is a research institution for culture and tourism industries. Jindong is the leader of digital creative experience in China.

By relying on forward-looking creative design and technology R&D capabilities, with the research on “cultural creativity + digital technology” as the basis, with the building of a high-quality digital creative industry as the goal, the Center comprehensively employs big data, blockchain, artificial intelligence and other new technologies, and integrates market insight, creative inspiration and high-quality digital technology resources, in order to perform R&D of digital creative technology, creative promotion of digital content and independent development of innovative design, tap the new IP values contained in historical culture, shape new cultural consumption business with innovative technology, and create new ways of cultural and technological interpretation of cultural tourism experience.

Deeply integrate culture, creativity, digital technology and industry, create a diversified immersive experience of digital creativity, and promote the high-quality development of cultural creativity and digital creative industry in China.


The business scope of the Center mainly includes: subject research on digital creativity; developing the application market of the creative design industry, and providing comprehensive services of the whole industry chain; research on digital creative design and cultural tourism services; showcasing immersive experience.