Future Display Arts Studio,TASA


The Future Exhibition Art Institute is jointly established by Tsinghua (Qingdao) Academy of Arts and Science Innovation Research and Beijing Dongshang Huamei Culture and Art Co., Ltd. Taking the opportunity of the first China (Qingdao) International Maritime Expo., the Institute is committed to strengthening the innovation, crossover and integration research in the exhibition field, expanding the cultural connotation of design, and breaking the boundaries between collections, exhibitions and scientific research through the planning and design of exhibition spaces such as museums, memorials, and exhibition halls. By scientific and technological means, it creates a new way of cultural experience, improves people’s quality of life and cultural perception, satisfies individualized, diversified and differentiated cultural needs, and promotes the vigorous development of exhibition, culture, tourism and technology industries.

Core Members

Strengthen the innovation, crossover and integration research in the exhibition field, explore the future exhibition art and application, and create a new way of cultural experience.


The business scope of the Institute mainly includes:

research, development and application of technical standards for the exhibition of digital multimedia industry;

research on construction, application and environmental protection strategy of the mobility-based exhibition;

application and research on the centralized exhibition of new materials and cutting-edge technologies;

design and R&D of intellectual products for smart museum and cultural relics warehouse;

research on creative transformation and innovative development of traditional images based on the context of cross-cultural communication;

research and practice on supervision talent gathering and professional assessment for exhibitions.