Print workshop


With the vision of introducing modern art concepts and reviving traditional art techniques, the workshop develops both traditional art and modern art, presents unique, innovative visual arts through platemaking and printing, and provides a creative base and industrial exchange platform for cultural and creative design, teaching practice, technical research, and master creation.

It aims to assist Chinese print to complete the transformation from simply a type of artwork to artistic designing, thereby making print the carrier for inheriting and developing traditional Chinese culture and combining it with emerging culture.

Workshop reservation

1. The normal working hours are 8:30-12:00 and 13:00-17:00 from Monday to Friday (closed on weekends and holidays). The specific opening time of each equipment will be decided according to the rules for such equipment.

2.A user shall estimate the reservation time according to the situation and quantity of sample, and reserve equipment on demand.

3.The general equipment should be reserved by an ordinary user 3 days in advance, at most two weeks to one month in advance.

4. After submitting the reservation, one may only use it upon review and approval by the administrator. For special equipment, it is also necessary to communicate with the equipment administrator about the use of equipment in advance.

Workshop reservation