Public Art Research Lab,TASA


The Laboratory of Cultural Innovation, Tsinghua ( Qingdao ) Academy of Arts and Science Innovation Research is jointly built by Tsinghua (Qingdao) Academy of Arts and Science Innovation Research, Qingdao Branch of Shandong Internet Media Group Co., Ltd., and Jingren Shixian (Beijing) Advertising Co., Ltd., with superior resources, aiming at creating an industrial practice laboratory of "innovation + design + brand". Driven by the innovative strategy, it provides industrial innovative strategy consulting, brand ecology and system research services for the government and enterprises.


Core members

The Laboratory takes the initiative to innovate, pays attention to transformation and application, and builds an innovative cultural think tank in the "Internet+" era to promote urban industrial development.


1. Conducting research on urban cultural innovation, regional cultural innovation, corporate cultural innovation, and the strategic plan for rural revitalization.

2. Offering product innovation and R&D, publicity, promotion and other services;

3. Holding cultural innovation activities, forums and promotions;

4. Other services related to cultural innovation.