TASA-Kotler Marketing Group Growth Laboratory


The Growth Laboratory is an important strategic cooperation project reached between Tsinghua (Qingdao) Academy of Arts and Science Innovation Research and Kotler Marketing Group. Kotler Marketing Group is a world-class consulting company focusing on market strategy and science and technology industry strategy. It was jointly founded by Philip Kotler, the “father of modern marketing”, and Milton Kotler, a front-line marketing master.

The Center pays close attention to the changes to enterprise brought about by scientific and technological innovation, which, relying on international resource network, strategic planning ability and resource integration ability, focuses on brand strategy, market strategy, growth strategy, digital marketing, innovative industries and parks in the digital age, and is committed to effectively combining scientific and technological innovation with customer value, creating exclusive growth models and acquiring key capabilities under new technologies, new people, new channels, new communication and new scenarios, helping Chinese enterprises to achieve growth from opportunity to strategic growth, enhancing brand cluster effect and creating new growth engines for enterprises.

Focus on the changes to enterprise brought about by scientific and technological innovation, and use the innovation of “design+technology+customer value” to realize the upgrading and growth of enterprises and ensure the comprehensive, healthy and sustainable development of enterprises.


The business scope of the Center mainly includes: enterprise-commissioned design and consultation; Enterprise innovation projects and product incubation; customized research project of the enterprise; organization of world-class industrial growth conferences.