Party Building & Leadership | Spring is Always in "Tsinghua Artistic Realm"—Faculty Representatives of AADTHU Participated in Tree Planting Activities at TASA


In response to General Secretary XI Jinping's call for "everyone to plant trees and increase greenery, and build a beautiful China together", the CPC Tsinghua (Qingdao) Academy of Arts and Science Innovation Research Branch took active action to plan for the tree planting activity and promote ecological civilization through joint Party building. On April 29, QIN Chuan, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University (AADTHU), led faculty representatives of the Department of Ceramic Design, Department of Information Art and Design, Department of Textile and Fashion Design, and Department of Visual Communication Design, as well as the Party Affairs Office, Academy Affairs Office, Admissions Office, Academic Affairs Office, and Research Office of AADTHU to Tsinghua (Qingdao) Academy of Arts and Science Innovation Research (TASA), to participate in the Party building and tree planting activity themed "Planting Green Here, Building the Future Together". LIU Weidong, Secretary of Party Branch and Assistant to President of TASA, presided over the event, with all Party members and activist of Party membership from the Party Branch of TASA participating.


At the beginning of the event, Secretary QIN Chuan delivered a warm opening speech, hoping that participants would leave with fond memories and contribute to the ecological civilization construction of our country through this tree planting activity. He pointed out that TASA is an important part of the "trinity" development mode of AADTHU, tasked with assisting the university in promoting and transforming research achievements. It is also required to leverage the comprehensive industrial advantages of Qingdao to build a cooperation and exchange platform between the university and the industry. He emphasized that this event has set a good precedent for a series of collaborative activities planned by AADTHU this year, and in the future, a series of activities will be continuously carried out nationwide to strengthen the resource cooperation and exchange with various sectors.


Secretary LIU Weidong, on behalf of TASA, welcomed the faculty representatives of AADTHU and expressed gratitude to them. He stated that TASA is an important innovative model and practical platform for the "integration of arts and sciences" of AADTHU. With the care and support of the CPC AADTHU Committee and leaders at all levels, the Party Branch of TASA will further play the role of the grassroots Party organizations as a fighting fortress and the vanguard and exemplary role of its Party members, leading all staff to build TASA into a new type of research and development institution with advanced levels.




Swinging shovels, nurturing seedlings, carrying buckets for watering... The labor scene at the tree planting site was exceptionally enthusiastic, with rows of Magnolia trees, Bauhinia trees, cherry blossom trees, and other seedlings bursting with new vitality. This vibrant new sapling forest was named "Tsinghua Artistic Realm", which represents TASA as a new tree that is sprouting. This new tree, sprouting under the support of various parties, will gradually grow into a towering tree leading the way in the integration and innovation of arts and sciences. Against the backdrop of each sapling standing tall in the wind, Secretary QIN Chuan unveiled the plaque for the "Tsinghua Artistic Realm".



Following the tree planting activity, LIAO Binchao, Associate Professor of School of Civil Engineering, Tsinghua University, was invited to conduct a wonderful lecture at the Design Laboratory of the International Industrial Research Department on the topic "Communication and Efficient Execution" for the purpose of further strengthening the cooperation and exchange among TASA and various departments of the university. Associate Professor LIAO Binchao conveyed to the audience how to establish efficient teamwork relationships focusing on dimensions such as "focus on seeking self with determination", "logical clarity", and "eloquent persuasiveness" through case studies and interactive sessions. By combining vivid language with rich examples, the lecture created a lively atmosphere, fully engaging the audience's interest. Therefore, the interactions and discussions deepened the audience's understanding and application of the lecture content.


To further deepen the understanding of TASA, the Party Branch of TASA guided the faculty representatives from AADTHU to visit key facilities such as the Design Laboratory of the International Industrial Research Department, the Advanced Manufacturing and Design Prototype Laboratory, and the Art and Science Experience Center, showcasing the outstanding achievements and service cases of TASA in the areas of disciplinary development and industrial upgrading in recent years.


On the occasion of Tsinghua University's 113th anniversary celebration, the Party Branch of TASA has successfully organized the Party building and tree planting activity themed "Planting Green Here, Building the Future Together" with the support from AADTHU. This is not only an important practice of TASA in building a beautiful China, but also a significant initiative to implement the mission of school and local cooperation. In the future, TASA will continue to strengthen the interaction and communication with various schools and departments of the university, organize diverse joint Party building activities, and continuously make new contributions to the integrated innovative development of art and science.