Digital Media Innovative Design Lab, TASA


Relying on Tsinghua University, the Digital Media Innovative Design Lab of TASA has exerted art, design thinking and digital technology to enable enterprises to experience digital transformation and upgrade their products and service experience, facilitated the communication of corporate brand culture, and explored the innovation of digital display, training and science education forms. Research efforts are made in the following four aspects:

1.Integrated Innovation on Digital Display

Oriented to science education venues including museums, exhibition halls, and science and technology museums, a goal-oriented digital display integrated system is developed according to the audience characteristics, giving full play to the integrated advantages of digital resources. The perfect integration of digital content, interactive experience and information technology creates a unique cultural and technological experience field, so that the audiences are willing to be spiritually nourished.

2.MR&VR Science Education

With the stereo visual display and MR&VR interactive technology, audiences can get an intuitive understanding of things through immersive experiences. The creative design of science education content and the virtual simulation technology allow users to get intuitive, enjoyable and efficient learning experiences in the form of immersive interaction across time and space.

3.Cultural Dissemination

By digging deep into the cultural content, coupled with user characteristics and cultural experience scenes, the creative design is combined with high-tech means to seek the interactive experience of joyful participation, in an effort to facilitate cultural dissemination.

4.Digital Twin and Virtual Simulation System

By leveraging our advantages in digital twin and virtual simulation technology, enterprises may digitally realize intensive and intelligent management, and play the role of the virtual simulation system in training, development simulation and intelligent control for the purpose of energy saving and efficiency.

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The perfect synergy of art and technology may enhance the efficiency of enterprises and create a better digital life for individuals


Exhibition & display, science education, cultural dissemination and enterprise digital transformation