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The Industrial Culture and Art Materials Research Laboratory is a culture and art innovation institution jointly established by Tsinghua (Qingdao) Academy of Arts and Science Innovation Research and the team of Professor Gai Guosheng from Tsinghua University. The integration of art, materials and design is one of the important ways to enhance the cultural pricing power and competitiveness of products made in China. With the research achievements and social influence of the team of Professor Gai Guosheng in more than 30 years, the Industrial Culture and Art Materials Research Laboratory gives full play to the interdisciplinary innovation advantages of the Academy. The Research Center of Industrial Culture and Art Materials integrates and innovates the development of culture, art and science in the fields of industrial culture research, teenager science education, industrial culture research and learning, research and promotion of art materials, etc.

1. Industrial culture

According to the Implementation Plan for Promoting the Development of Industrial Culture (2021-2025) published by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, which proposed to "take the development of industrial culture as an important part of promoting the high-quality development of manufacturing industry, and improve the system of industrial culture development", the Laboratory takes the promotion of Chinese industrial culture as its own mission, facilitates the integrated development of culture and industry, enriches the cultural connotation of products made in China, and cultivates new forms and models of industrial culture. It also spreads Chinese industrial culture during the growth of the teenagers, making them understand the needs of national industrial development early, enhancing their confidence in the path and culture of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and cultivating new talents for China's manufacturing industry in the future.

2、Art materials

The representation of physical art is built on the basis of new materials, and the development of new arts has become an integrated form of the intersection and integration of various media and various materials. Whether painting, three-dimensional sculpture, or installation art, its ways of representation are based on the use and expression of the properties of physical materials. With the research results of powder technology, the Laboratory develops new materials for the quality of art materials and the application of processing techniques, presents different artistic styles, and gives art forms new meaning and perspectives, so as to promote the evolution and development of the social aesthetic style.


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Research and exchange on industrial culture

Industrial research and learning of teenagers

Research and development and promotion of art materials

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