Institute of Flexible Electronics Innovative Design


As a subversive science and technology based on a high degree of interdisciplinary integration, flexible electronics can break through the intrinsic limitations of classical silicon-based electronics, and provide innovative guidance for the upgrading of device design integration, energy revolution and medical technology transformation in the post-Moore era, which is an important strategic opportunity for China's independent innovation to lead the future industrial development. In-depth research in the field of flexible electronics is a new engine to drive China's all-round innovative development, and is also one of the important ways to practice the strategy of "strengthening China with talents".

Based on forward-looking basic research, the Institute of Flexible Electronics Innovative Design tackles key technologies in the national strategic field to serve and support the development of flexible electronics technology industry, produces leading original achievements, and improves the original innovation and independent innovation capabilities of relevant disciplines in China.

Based on forward-looking basic research, it aims to implement the strategy of strengthening China with innovation and talents, and improve the ability to transform innovation achievements in related disciplines.