Interdisciplinary Education Innovation Lab,TASA


The Interdisciplinary Education Innovation Research Center, jointly established by Tsinghua (Qingdao) Academy of Arts and Science Innovation Research and Beijing Yixianghui Culture and Art Consulting Co., Ltd., is a research institution for future-oriented lifelong learning innovation.

The Center roots itself in the introduction of high-quality education resources at home and abroad, and builds a platform for the development and gathering of professionals. It specializes in interdisciplinary education innovation research, outstanding talent incubation and development, exploration of new Internet education mode, production-education-research cooperation and exchange, and carries out art and science innovation positioning with high standards. Furthermore, it creates a pilot field of art and science integration with innovative talent gathering experience, develops a world-leading lifelong learning system with Chinese characteristics, and enhances modern and international mindset.

Core Members

Introduce high-quality educational resources at home and abroad, create a pilot field for the integration of art and science with innovative talent gathering experience, and strengthen innovative thinking and creative ability.