International Cultural Industry Innovation Research Center,TASA


With the purpose of building an international cultural industry exchange and cooperation platform and a demonstration platform for scientific and cultural innovation, TASA International Cultural Industry Innovation Research Center is committed to attracting high-end talents and superior resources at home and abroad, carrying out international cultural industry innovation research, high-tech R&D and high-end talents training, new cultural industry project incubation and product output, and cluster empowerment to pursue cultural industry mode innovation and high-quality development. We have been uplifting level of cultural industry chain modernization through scientific and technological innovation, promoting "inclusive cloud service support policy, big data fusion and application and supporting intelligent transformation of enterprises" in cultural industry, promoting the integration of online and offline businesses, facilitating the integration of culture and technology and cultivating new industries and new consumption patterns to nurture new growth drivers. We make efforts to integrate cultural industry development into ecological civilization to serve the construction of a great power of socialist culture, going global of Chinese culture and high-quality development of economy and society as well as the implementation of major national strategies.

Core members


International exchange and cooperation platform, Chinese and foreign culture display window.


1. Research on digital communication--Research on the impact of blockchain, metaverse and other new Internet technologies on cultural production, storage, distribution and consumption; exploring direction of application and implementation mode of XR technology in different scenarios; research on innovation path, mode and method of digital development of cultural industry; exploring digital art design and application; building a cultural data system platform; developing new scenarios of digital culture consumption.

2. Research on Innovations in Chinese and African Cultural Industry--Research on subjects such as professional and cultural exchanges, exhibitions, art research, creative collection, and cultural and creative products transaction; Chinese and African governments, universities and social organizations will jointly build a platform for research on and exchange of Sino-African cultural industries; exploring Sino-African cultural exchange and cooperation modes. We are committed to telling stories of friendship between Africa and China in a new era to provide more new initiatives, new ideas and new measures for fulfilling the grand long-cherished wish, i.e., China-Africa community with a shared future in the new era.

3. Research on aesthetic education innovation and experience--On the basis of excellent traditional culture and advanced ideas of China, with cultural inheritance and innovation as the path and with beauty as the medium, the study focuses on practices and innovations in aesthetic education; carries out extracurricular education and teaching activities with aesthetic education as the theme by means of aesthetic education courses; develops an interdisciplinary aesthetic education system in a new era with design as the growth point, integrating arts and technologies and considering characteristics and demand of youngsters.