Public Art Research Department


The public art research department is an important carrier for public art jointly built by Tsinghua (Qingdao) Academy of Arts and Science Innovation Research and Zhonghai Jianke Engineering Co., Ltd. Supported by public art, the Department performs interdisciplinary research and application, promotes the deep integration and integrated innovation of sculpture, mural, urban landscape and other related disciplines, and serves the national strategy of urban construction and rural revitalization.

The Department aims to build an open and cooperative scientific research and incubation platform, meet the supply of art services, improve the features of public art services, reasonably allocate and shape a benign interactive relationship between society and market, stimulate the vitality of public art creation, and achieve the vision of public art creation, technical research and innovative services.

The department spreads the concept of public art and leads the development direction of public art through academic research and exploratory practice of public art at home and abroad.