TASA Promotes Friendly Exchanges between China and Serbia and Explores New Prospects for International Cooperation


On the afternoon of April 20, in order to promote the international cooperation project between the Tsinghua (Qingdao) Academy of Arts and Science Innovation Research (TASA) and the Bogoljub Karic Foundation (BK Foundation) from Serbia, representatives from the BK Foundation in Serbia, Viktor and LI Haibao, as well as representatives from the BK Foundation in China, including HU Peng, Chairman of Yashu Technology, LIU Tingting, Chief Operating Officer, and ZHANG Zhigang, Director of Business, were invited to TASA for a field research and a symposium. ZHANG Haijian, Deputy Director of the Organization Department of the Party Working Committee of Qingdao West Coast New Area, DONG Jinwu, Deputy General Director of the Development and Construction Headquarters of Qingdao Lingshan Bay Film and Television Cultural Industrial Zone, LI Jian, Executive Vice President of the China-France Relations Promotion Association, and CAI Li, Secretary-General of Beijing Aifeng Economy Development Institute, were also invited to the symposium. ZHAO Chao, Vice President of the Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University and Vice President of TASA, and LIU Weidong, Secretary of Party Branch and Assistant to President of TASA, went together with them for the visit and the symposium.


Following the introduction by Secretary LIU Weidong, the visiting delegation visited the Art and Science Experience Center, Design Laboratory of the International Industrial Research Department, and Advanced Manufacturing and Design Prototype Laboratory of TASA. By viewing exhibitions such as the “Where Art Meets Science · A Better Future Is Created” international exhibition, the “Sowing and Sprouting, Ripening and Harvesting” Special Exhibition for the Anniversary of the Founding of the Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University (AADTHU), the Excellent Works Exhibition of the Global Sportswear Design Award, and the Exhibition on Health, Well-being and Senior-friendly Design, the guests learned about the outstanding achievements and service cases of AADTHU and TASA in industrial empowerment and design for the aged in recent years. They also had discussions and exchanges regarding a forward-looking series of senior-friendly design exhibits.


At the Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Application Innovation Laboratory jointly established by TASA and Guohua (Qingdao) Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., the guests learned how TASA supports local enterprises, universities, and research institutions in design innovation and results transformation, and understood the research and development situation in the field of artificial intelligence and robotics.


During the symposium, Vice President ZHAO Chao warmly welcomed the visiting guests and introduced the basic situation of TASA. He highlighted the six major innovation platforms constructed by TASA to meet the needs of future industries, as well as the outstanding achievements made in international cooperation and exchanges. As Vice President ZHAO Chao stated, TASA is entering a new stage of high-quality development and hopes to deepen exchanges with international partners like BK Foundation, explore diverse cooperation models, and promote substantial cooperation projects under the general background of strengthening technological innovation, education, and other fields in China-Serbia cooperation.


Chairman HU Peng made an introduction to the BK Foundation, which is well-known in the Balkan region. It has invested heavily in the field of science and culture in recent years and has grown rapidly. With the friendly cooperation between China and Serbia, the foundation’s investment focus is increasingly leaning towards China. He expressed the foundation’s desire to establish a co-founded institution with TASA, combining TASA’s high-quality resources in research and development, academia, and talent with the foundation’s investments in advanced scientific and technological projects, to jointly create industrial end products, enhance new quality productive forces, and strive to form a cluster of products combining high technology and industrial design in Qingdao.


Mr. Viktor introduced the investment plan of the BK Foundation’s technology projects in China and the global industry and technology investment strategies, hoping that the foundation would join hands with TASA to advance comprehensive project cooperation. He anticipated that the cooperation with TASA would be successful as soon as possible, and the foundation would utilize its international resources to initiate large-scale events with global impact, continue to make a global voice and accelerate the implementation of cooperative projects between the two sides.


Deputy Director ZHANG Haijian stressed the talent ecosystem and development layout of Qingdao West Coast New Area, emphasizing that the strong partnership between TASA and BK Foundation aligns with the international development model of the West Coast New Area and even Qingdao, serving as an important boost to talent development plans. Responding to the national call, the West Coast New Area is focusing on developing new quality productive forces, and the implementation of collaborative projects will bring a better talent ecosystem and industrial foundation to the area. Expectations are set for advancing the cooperation swiftly, with full support from governmental departments.


Deputy General Director DONG Jinwu provided a comprehensive overview of the location advantages and industrial development of Lingshan Bay Film and Television Cultural Industrial Zone, and offered valuable suggestions for the collaborative projects between TASA and BK Foundation. There are many sweet spots between the cooperative projects and the industrial structure of Lingshan Bay Cultural Industrial Zone. Given that the Lingshan Bay Cultural Industrial Zone is a modern future new town under constant construction and development, it is hoped that both sides can make rational use of their respective advantageous resources to help to build Lingshan Bay into an international highland for new economic development.


Secretary-General CAI Li noted that the cooperation project between TASA and BK Foundation integrates various international resources such as the EU, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, and the BRICS, making it a large-scale collaboration that effectively implements the high-quality construction of the “Belt and Road”. The cooperative project can play a significant role in transforming local achievements, incubating industries, etc.


Executive Vice President LI Jian introduced the collaborative achievements in promoting cultural, scientific, and other exchanges between China and various European countries. He mentioned that the cooperation results between TASA and BK Foundation will bring tremendous benefits to both parties and expected the future success of their cooperation.


At the end of symposium, there was a live connection with Mr. Bogoljub Karic, Chairman of the BK Foundation. Vice President ZHAO Chao and Mr. Bogoljub Karic, representing TASA and BK Foundation respectively, engaged in enthusiastic discussions on the cooperative projects. Both sides agreed to promote substantive cooperation as soon as possible and outlined a bright vision for future collaboration.

This year, TASA will focus on advancing cooperation projects with various international resources, such as the BK Foundation, combining its own strengths with those of international partners to attract large projects to Qingdao, serve the high-quality development of the city, and contribute to writing a “Qingdao-style new chapter” of the Chinese path to modernization.