Modern Aesthetic Education Lab, TASA


The Modern Aesthetic Education Research Center is a research institution for academic research and achievement incubation in the field of future learning and innovation jointly established by Tsinghua (Qingdao) Academy of Arts and Science Innovation Research and Qingdao Qingyi International Science Education Management Co., Ltd. The Center will fully integrate scientific research resources in the fields of art and design at home and abroad, which, based on the research on the curriculum system of art teaching in primary and secondary schools and preschool schools, integrates the research and development and practice of social artistic quality evaluation, explores an international-level art education innovation system aimed at the cross-industry social level, cultivates education talents with artistic characteristics, promotes exchanges and prosperity in the fields of art and science, builds a global application platform of aesthetic education quality education for national growing, and builds a diversified aesthetic education system and an innovative model for the transformation of development achievements.

Core Members

Explore the innovation system of international-level art education, build a global application platform of aesthetic quality education for national growth, and co-create a diversified innovation model for aesthetic education research and achievement development and transformation.


Course R&D

We are committed to developing, giving, and practicing various courses for all levels in society, including preschool art education at home and abroad, domestic and international art education in primary schools and middle schools, various art education in society, skill education for professional art, and customized art education for organizations and institutions.


Artistic Quality Assessment

To improve the nation’s quality-oriented education, we will gradually establish a complete series of artistic quality comprehensive assessment system for both children and adults.


Vocational Training for Teachers & Assignment of Professional Talents

We carry out improvement training for in-service teachers in social training institutions and art academies to develop their abilities in creative thinking, teaching method, management operation, and skill intensification. Talents will be assigned to relevant educational organizations.


Topic Research & Achievements Transformation

We shall organize nationwide topic researches on art education concerning children art education, academic scientific research, and art commerce, and transform the outstanding research achievements into commerce through Tsinghua University and social resources.


International Exchanges

We integrate K12 education in developed countries with resources from art schools and research institutions, offer international exchanges for students who want to further study art, and provide art schools and institutions at home and abroad with academic support and management.


Activity Exhibition Forum

We capture cutting-edge information on domestic and international art and design, combine resources from education experts inside and outside the school and from cross-border art fields, to jointly build various artistic innovation patterns.


Teaching Practice

We organize teaching practice with multiple focuses in different regions and environments based on teaching and scientific outcomes of the university and the research academy, and benefit the research system in return according to assessment results.


Base Development

We will set up bases with regional features for artistic teaching practice and artistic assessment practice by integrating social quality resources, and pool talents for the industry under the unified leadership of TASA.