Urbanization and Habitat Environment Research Center of TASA


The Urbanization and Habitat Environment Research Center is a habitat environment R&D institution jointly established by Tsinghua (Qingdao) Academy of Arts and Science Innovation Research and Hisense Design Institute. The Center aims to construct urbanization and Chinese habitat environment art and science, and is committed to combining scientific research with social services, carrying out the research and practical application of rural revitalization, urbanization art construction design and transformation, habitat environment and public space design, ecological environment restoration and landscape design planning, so as to coordinate resources in a deeper and broader scope and improve the transformation of scientific research achievements. Furthermore, it serves to accelerate the integrated development of production, education, research and application by collaborative innovation mechanism, meet the needs of national rural revitalization, ecological construction and urbanization development, and boost the improvement of national and regional urbanization and sustainable development of habitat environment construction.

Conduct research on the innovation of urbanization and habitat environment, and build a first-class planning brand and platform for architectural art design, space planning, landscape architecture, eco-tourism, urbanization design and digital display in China.


The business scope of the Center mainly includes: subject research, project application and transformation of scientific research achievements in the field of urbanization as well as habitat environment design and construction; subject research on urbanization and ecological environment; academic forum exchanges on habitat environment, and promotion of technical innovations in architectural planning and art design.